At EAGOL, we recognise our role as an economic organ of society and believe that tangible contribution towards building economic and societal enhancement of the community is commensurate to our overall performance. As we continue to grow as an Organization, we aim to promote impactful growth of the community around us.

Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral part of our business culture for which an annual budgetary allocation is provided. Our CSR policy outlines the areas in which we aim to make a positive difference for sustainable development through:



We endeavour to complement the existing national infrastructure and regulations for safe road use through initiatives that promote compliance. We have made it our purpose to equip road users with material that enhance their safety and the safety of their passengers.


With education the backbone of development, we have set out to enhancing the community’s learning environment through activities that promote comfortable leaning and encourage intentional effort towards good performance


At EAGOL, a healthy community is as important as a healthy working environment. We seek to not only engage in activities that improve individual health and communal healthcare facilities, but we aim to promote implementation of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OSHA) 2007 in the community as and where possible.


Although our CSR policy outlines areas in which we strive to provide sustainable aid throughout the year, we have selected the month of Ramadhan to go the extra mile in helping the community with items of short and long term ease. These include but are not limited to sponsoring iftar programs and distribution of food and non-food items towards selected orphanages, revert centres and homes of the less privileged within the community