By design, our business has an inevitable impact on the environment. Because we at EAGOL are conscious of this, we are committed to conduct our operations in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. We constantly and continually dedicate intentional effort towards the improvement of our operational performance in order to reduce possible negative impact on the environment

In line with our vision to be a Regional leader in the Oil Industry, we have taken the onus to play our part in safeguarding our natural surroundings through responsible reduction of waste and pollution. This we strive to achieve by continuously:

  • Complying with the regulatory standards set by the National Environmental Management Authority and maintaining international environmentally friendly best practices in the Oil Industry

  • Participating in preventive identification and evaluation of environmental hazards within our operations and actively working towards adopting measures to eliminate or control them

  • Reducing waste and pollution through recycling, conservation and efficient use of our resources across the board

  • Promoting awareness, accountability and responsibility on environmental matters among our employees, customers, partners, surrounding communities and industry stakeholders.

  • Including protection of the environment as a priority and critical factor in all our business decisions